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Mountain Ridge

You are not alone. 

Generally incurable and ongoing, chronic diseases affect approximately 133 million Americans, representing more than 40% of the total population of the U.S. according to the CDC. That number is projected to grow to an estimated 157 million, with 81 million having multiple conditions in 2022. That means that about half of all adults have a chronic condition, and approximately 8 percent of children ages 5 to 17 were reported by their parents to have limited activities due to at least one chronic disease or disability. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, people with chronic conditions receive only 56% of recommended preventive health care services to maintain wellness.

Medical decisions are too complex and controversial to rely on providers whose skills and background are not serving your best interests- the patient. Medical care is often confusing, fragmented, and characterized by poor communication, coordination and continuity.
The result? People correctly today see themselves as patients all alone in an increasingly complex health system. Some patients feel abandoned. Others are skeptical of physicians biases. Misinformed or under informed, more people are looking for reliable health and care information.

We can help with unknowns like…

• a condition or therapy that will last a lifetime or threatens to cut it short

• questions that doctors won’t or can’t answer

• problems that won’t tolerate health care’s profit driven biases

• proposed diagnostics, testing or surgery recommendations

• cutting through the red tape of trying to get help to get well


Patients and their loved ones will increasingly turn to resources they trust. Trust begins with evidence and an attitude that understands that most medical decisions are preference-based – their preferences. Don't let the doctors, insurance companies or careless providers select your path. You are the driver of your own well-being. 

Are you or a loved one are feeling dismissed, overwhelmed or underdiagnosed? Struggling to research providers or potential treatment options or understanding the medical jargon? Concerned about optimizing the short window with health care providers?

Many patient advocates help people who are caught up in what the founder of the Alliance for Professional Health Advocates Trisha Torrey calls F.U.D.G.E.- Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt, Grief and Exhaustion. We can help you reduce your costs and increase your care, obtain diagnostic or treatment resources, and most importantly - gain peace of mind. We work to ensure your voice is heard to ensure your care meets your goals. 


We are here for you.

Medical / Navigation Assistance

  • For your diagnosis and treatment recommendations – review of options, assistance with decision-making

  • Background research: diagnosis and/or treatment options

  • Records review and discussion

  • Prescriptions / Supplements / Medication Reviews

  • Preparation for appointments

  • Pain Management Consulting – finding the right resources

  • Caregiver support

Integrative Medicine

  • Holistic medicine advocacy

  • Functional medicine advocacy

  • Complementary and alternative medicine advocacy

Billing & Insurance

  • Medical bill reviews and reconciliation

  • Helping you choose the right health insurance plan or payer for you

  • Filing and tracking medical bill paperwork and payments

  • Negotiations: disputes, denials of claims, and appeals, for hospital bills or other medical billing

  • Medicare or Medicaid recommendations and decision-making (Advantage Plans, Medigap, others)

Care Coordination

  • Symptom tracking

  • Medication management

  • Pain management

  • Prevention solutioning

  • Wellness planning

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