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It's The Climb:
Passionate About Inspiring Others

My name is Christie. I believe I have developed a special recipe for a happy and healthy life. I learned a self-motivated ‘secret sauce’ for healing, that could be shared through generations of a traditional recipe for wellness and a purpose driven life. I could teach the step-by- step instructions, mentor and share the right ingredients to bake up a good life to others. A savory life.


So often we are expected to be perfect in every way, at all times. This is not humanly possible and can lead to increased stress and burnout. There is no need for perfection and you should try and find a way out of the rat race! My life’s lesson to share is to stop burnout, skip the breakdown, and jump quickly to breakthrough to live your best life possible. We have a fast-moving, short time here on this Earth. Make it count. We all get caught up in mania, road rage, toxic bosses, and too many things on our calendar. But it's time to realize it is under your own control to choose what your priorities are and work them into your life, on purpose. Unstoppable. Enabled life. Ward off disease. People need this, now more than ever. I believe I can get there and make a powerful, passionate and purposeful impact. I had become the hero of my own life. I was opened up to  a higher purpose, permitting the more authentic me to emerge, utilizing my inner strengths and personally driven to seek the joy in living. As Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory suggests- I had climbed the ladder again from the bottom to the top of self actualization. Living a life with a sense it was serving more than my limited sense of self and sharing what I’ve learned with others. I am a woman who is on a mission, to help you discover your purpose in life.

Let's work together to help you find your calling in life. You are ready to get on your path, to shine.


I started my company, Journey2Joy, because I have experienced transformation in my own life that inspired me to let go of what was no longer serving me and embrace my true potential. For many years I have been sharing what I’ve learned with my clients, helping them unlock their potential by finding the purpose in their pain and embracing their true path.

Are you ready to start living a life that is more meaningful?

Education & Training

  • Trained in Patient Advocacy from the Alliance for Professional Health Advocates (APHA)

  • Specialty Training In Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) ECHO Advocacy Program

  • Trained Life Transformation Coach 

  • Certified Mindfulness Instructor

  • Certified Mindfulness at Work Facilitator

  • Trained in Managing Chronic Pain with Mindfulness

  • Support Group Leader for the U.S. Pain Foundation

  • Certified Mindful Movement Instructor in Tai Chi, Qi Gong

  • Certified in Laughter Therapy and Aqua Therapy

  • Former Award-Winning Marketing Communications Executive

  • Bachelor's Degree in Communications

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