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Focus has gone out the window

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

"I can’t focus anymore. I’m juggling a million things, and nothing is getting finished."

Everyone––and everything––are vying for your attention. And the world’s getting wickedly good at robbing it from you. It’s almost as if there’s a puppeteer, pulling your strings, constantly tugging you away from what you actually care about. And the craziest thing? What you do best is something you’re doing less and less. Put another way: The high-value skill that you are paid for is scarcely being used. You’re too scattered. Your time is finite, but always in demand. You’re deluged with work that continues to multiply, and every task that hits your inbox or Slack is red-alert urgent. Your newsfeed is a constant drip of bad news and enviable views from people who look far more successful or happy or free than you are. So, what is the true cost of not being able to focus? Well… it’s worse than you might think (and I know you already know the cost is high). If you can’t focus… no matter how much time you have, you can’t work effectively. Even if you are clear on your goals and have all the motivation in the world… …You have to be able to focus in order to channel that motivation, use your time well, and execute the millions of tiny actions that lead to a vision being made real. As Daniel Goleman once put it: Focus is the hidden driver of excellence. And if you ever hope to achieve your goals, full and frequent focus is non-negotiable.


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