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Get confident with your authentic self

The kids all know this, but some of us are new to this so here are some quick tips to feel your most beautiful you!

  • Experiment with angles.

  • Look for great lighting. Outdoors in natural light is usually best. Make sure your light source is in front of you. If it's behind you, you'll be cast in shadow and look darker.

  • Smile, but control it. A nice small, natural smile is best.

  • A camera timer is extremely helpful.

  • Try the "shelfie", by putting your phone in a clear cup on a shelf and use a timer.

  • Don't stand straight towards the camera. Position your body and bend a knee and arm. This always helps your posture.

  • Try not to block your face.

  • All selfies don't require hair and makeup.

  • Crop out as much background as possible.

  • Take several selfies and pick out the best one.

  • If you have one, use a selfie stick.

  • Don't overthink it, this is a no judgement zone!

  • Have fun with it!


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