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The Art of Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities

“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” - Christopher Reeve

Many of us can speak from first hand knowledge on this subject, but few can properly overcome. Are you a working woman or working mother ‘struggling with the juggling’ of everyday stress, demands, to do lists and overbooked calendars. Are you able to keep all of the moving balls in play?

I dropped my juggling when I passed out driving - later to learn from lack of blood flow to my brain- and I lost my most important asset- my health. They say, “when you don't have your health, you’ve got nothing,” right? It is true. I lost it all. My cardiologist soon told me when he discovered a heart embolism that came with a genetic underlying rare, complex and systemic chronic illness that was triggered by the car accident hitting the guy in front of me at 40 MPH. The diagnoses of dominoes came falling down and so did I. The doctor urged me to reduce stress to increase my quality of life, strongly urged me to dramatically alter our crazy lifestyle, find calm and peace, or I would not live to see my next birthday of 50 young years.

I spent the next few years learning to be able to climb- first to be able again to climb the stairs in my home, then climb out of my walker. As I rose up slowly stronger, researching voraciously how to heal myself anyway I could- ‘buying, trying or dying’ was my plan. With patience I never possessed before, I found the resilience and courage to choose to become the hero of my own life and learned how to heal, practice wellness becoming a patient patient only to discover I could change and choose joy where I found purpose and fulfillment. I am rising up a new ladder now- climbing out of what could have been a life-long sentence of being disabled - to enabled, happier and more feelings of value and worthy than ever before. I have something special to share, I hope you will choose to make a change, courage to see it through to action, and live with purpose and the ends in mind. Life is short, make it what you want NOW.

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