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A better life

Serving clients in life optimization strategies on their Journey to Joy.
You are ready to find your inner GPS and get on path, to shine.

What is Life Crafting?

Life crafting is a way to better define your goals in life and chart a path to achieving them. While honing your sense of purpose in life can feel daunting, even overwhelming, so no one ever really does it. 

We can help you lifecraft and design an optimal online business, life-work balance, and life purpose. 


How I Can Help You

  • Learn how in one hour to reclaim your life.


    1 hr

  • Join the Women EnPOWER community. A 5 hour course to achieve peace.

    Started Aug 13

    399 US dollars
  • Topics include MBSR, simplified meditation and mindfulness techniques

    Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri

    Duration Varies

    Pricing varies
  • Private sessions to better guide you through your life navigation.

    1 hr

    97 US dollars
  • Programs to calm the monkey mind in the office.

    Pricing varies
  • A marketing starter-kit for aspiring coaches, speakers & book authors.

    1 hr

A Life Coach that Makes a Difference

Journey2Joy offers life coaching services for women. My name is Christie and I help you discover your passion and purpose in life so that you can find peace and happiness. I offer one-to-one life coaching sessions, workshops, retreats etc. all aimed at helping you get clarity about what's holding you back from living a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

Our coaching program is designed to inspire you to live with more joy, to live as a significant human being in a world that needs you to be fully present. With our support you have courage to express your true intentions. Our coaching program helps you to ask questions, to explore what you really want and to create a life that fulfills all your needs.
Having spoken to many women in the coaching profession, I can help you build a bridge to a better life. I am a life crafting coach so you may work well, be well, live well.  Whether it's your work life, your own start-up business, or your real life, I can help you climb to a better place.

Yoga at Home


Transformation is an inside job, and change is a process. I can guide you with proven, practical processes to use  to successful create life change, but even more importantly - will provide a 7-step process for totally transforming a your life, from the inside out.